Healthy Eating / Nursery Meals

At Happy Corner Nursery we encourage all our children to develop and grow through a well balanced healthy diet. We offer daily nutritious food for all the children in our care; our menus are carefully planned with the emphasis on healthy eating.

Children are proactively encouraged to self serve their meals – with the help of staff when required.

Food is provided by the Quinborne Community Centre Starr Café which is inspected by Environmental Health Officers. 

The Nursery is also inspected and we have a 5* rating. All staff hold a food safety certificate.

A healthy self service snack station is available to the children in the morning, we provide and ask for donations of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Water and milk is also available throughout the day as well as at meal times.

NOTE: We promote healthy eating and we would ask you to discourage your child from bringing cordial, chocolate or sweets into Nursery.